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Get A Grip On Lighting Special Edition: DOE Deregulation

Eye on Innovation: Keystone Technologies


Get A Grip On Lighting: Liar Liar

2019 Lighting Industry: Who’s Staying and Who’s Going


Get A Grip On Lighting: Lighting Shows

In this episode, Greg and Michael discuss the number of lighting trade shows, which ones stood out to them this year, which shows they look forward to attending next year,…

Waiting Game


With no indication of the sale of GE’s ‘Current, powered by GE’ business in sight, what’s the plan for this industry player?

Get A Grip On Lighting: Future-Proof Your Lighting

In this episode, Greg and Michael talk about how to “future-proof” your customers so they will be satisfied with their lighting choices.

LED and Rebates: Know Your Stuff


The transition to LED can be costly; can distributors soften the blow with rebates?

Get A Grip On Lighting: Audits vs. Sales

What do your lighting audits or proposals look like? What is most important, and when are you wasting your time? How can you really learn what your customer wants and…

Reversing the Trend: the Labor Shortage


Experts from the ICC and electrical training ALLIANCE shed light on the current contractor labor shortage and how they’re working to address it.

Get A Grip On Lighting: A Deep Dive Into the Matrix

In this episode, Colligan and Ehrich take a deep dive into “The Matrix,” a phrase they created, to look at why this is could be happening, what happens next, and…

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