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Maximizing the Momentum of LED Upgrades

Leff Electric Doubles Down on Lighting

How to Compete in an Industry of Sameness

Fueling Rational Discourse on Blue-Light Hazard

The State of the Rebate

Where distributors can get municipal, state and utility funding for their LED retrofit projects.

Word on the Street

For savvy distributors who do their homework and understand the system, street lighting upgrades in cities/municipalities can be great opportunities.

Flip the Switch and Step on the Gas: Eaton and Graybar Team [...]

The venerated, 70-year-old Martinsville Speedway will light up the night this weekend, as NASCAR drivers compete for the first time ever under it's new LED sports lighting system.

Fewer and Larger?

Will accelerated merger & acquisition activity continue to be the modus operandi in the lighting industry?

Rev up Your Defense in the Game of Disintermediation

The debate over disintermediation in the lighting sector rages on.  Ask any distributor if they're fearful that manufacturers will make an end run around them and they'll say, "No, but..."

The LED Wave Happening in Infrastructure

A lightED original series on retrofit projects taking place across the country. This week, we travel to Seattle.

Manufacturer Reacts to Proposed New CEC Rules

Has California gone too far in overregulation of lighting?

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