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Top 12 Get A Grip Episodes of 2019: #12-#10

Top 20 Stories of 2019: #20-#17

Get A Grip On Lighting: At NALMCO

Get A Grip On Lighting: How to Find Rebates

Changing the Game


Though not necessarily surprised by Signify’s intention to acquire Cooper Lighting, electrical distributors fear that selling those products may get harder before it gets easier.

The Details Behind the Deal: Signify Buys Cooper Lighting S [...]


Here’s what went on behind the scenes before the Signify-Cooper Lighting deal was announced this week, and a look at what this new development means for the companies involved and…

Get A Grip On Lighting: Replacing CRI

Why is CRI so important, and what does it really mean when it comes to selling light? The Get A Grip On Lighting podcast breaks down how CRI works and…

Tools of the Trade?


Lighting manufacturers debate the value of trade shows.

Get A Grip On Lighting: Smart Controls With Colin Billings

The Get A Grip On Lighting podcast interviewed Colin Billings, CEO of Orro Switch, to talk about smart controls. Are customers really shopping for controls when they are shopping for…

Get A Grip On Lighting: What Rebates Are Out There for Dist [...]

Guest host Joe Pater with Rebate Bus continues his series on rebate possibilities with expert Juan Carlos Blacker by looking at rebates that are specifically designed to help distributors sell…

Get A Grip On Lighting: Bad Product Fixtures

We have to accept that there are a lot of very low-quality, very low-price lighting opportunities out there. How are you combating what the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast…

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