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Get A Grip On Lighting: The Boom-Bust Cycle of Lighting Controls

Addressing the Inevitable


Get A Grip On Lighting: Startup Shutdown

Get A Grip On Lighting: Sign Lighting

Get A Grip On Lighting: Free Samples

Are free samples a good thing? The guys from the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast ask this question as they look at the “value of free”.

Born in the USA?


When it comes to LEDs, distributors wrestle with the many definitions of “Made in the USA.”

Get A Grip On Lighting: The Potential of LiFi

What is the potential of LiFi? How can it improve all lighting projects? This episode looks into the future of lighting, and how it can be sold.

Creepy Non-Compete Clauses: Don’t Be Cheesy!


Michael Colligan gives his take on "creepy" non-compete clauses, and how far is too far in the electrical sales industry.

Get A Grip On Lighting: Manufacturer’s Reps

In this episode, Michael and Greg talk about what they want in a lighting manufacturer’s rep, what frustrates them, and what their expectations are.

Get A Grip On Lighting: Outdoor Lights With Controls

Every once in a while, a customer makes a request, and you have to decide if that request is worth filling. That can be the case when customers ask for…

Get A Grip On Lighting: Non-Compete Clauses

In this episode, the guys have some strong words for business owners who force their employees to sign non-compete clauses, and how it impacts everyone involved.

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