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When Project Bids Turn into Long-Term Headaches for Lightin [...]


Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast: Chris Brown

Conveying Value, Part 2


Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast: Blitz Episode

Conveying Value, Part 1


In an era of cheap LED alternatives and off-brand online options, distributors discuss customers’ current level of price sensitivity and some of the issues that arise with lower-priced products.

Trend Watch: Outdoor Lighting 2018


A manufacturer and a distributor discuss the outdoor lighting trends that they're seeing shape up this year.

Land of Confusion


Distributors discuss some of the challenges they and their customers experience with today’s LED technology.

Sharpening the Axe: Ramping Up Your Sales Team’s Tech [...]


It’s not enough to show up at your customer’s doorstep with a box of fresh bagels and a smile anymore; customers expect good advice, expertise, and technical acumen. Here’s how…

A New Future: Distributors Refocus Their Sales Efforts


LIGHTFAIR 2018 brought an encouraging trend to the forefront of the lighting industry - distributors are focused on selling their services rather than solely products.

Chain Reaction: How Distributors Can Keep Projects on Track


A longtime electrical contractor discusses the snafus that often derail lighting projects and the measures distributors and manufacturers could take to help avoid them.

Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast: The Matrix, Explained

The guys at “Get a Grip on Lighting” follow up on “The Matrix” discussion with a look at connected lighting and the potential threat to national security.

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