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Speak to Your People: A Better Approach to Community Lighting


Changes at the Top: Where Do Distributors Stand?


“Get A Grip On Lighting” Podcast: Blitz Episode

Truth in Advertising: The End of the Lighting Facts Program


Viking’s Successful One-Two Punch


Viking Electric combines a lighting design specialist with a controls specialist to deliver a winning combination.

Countless Lighting Projects, But Limited Earnings In Lighting


While the lighting market expands, the number of lighting manufacturers is making it difficult to take advantage of the opportunities.

Patience a Virtue in Lighting Quality Discussions, Sales


Major LED manufacturers are starting to see the possibilities of improving the light quality of luminaires, but many say that it's not quite ready for widespread adoption.

An Enlightening Ride: Part II


In this second part of our interview with Mike Connors, CEO of Bulbs.com, the lighting industry veteran shares thoughts on the threat posed by Amazon, some of the new and…

An Enlightening Ride: Part I


Mike Connors, CEO of Bulbs.com, shares his perspective on how the lighting industry has changed over the past two decades – and what may be next.

Designer Lighting: When a Distributor Just Won’t Cut It


Every major lighting project needs a distributor, but when is it time to call in the lighting designer?

NAED Works to Bring the Tax Code into the 21st Century

NAED locks arms with other industry partners on Capitol Hill to get lighting fixtures categorized as equipment versus structural components.

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