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Lighting Needs a Leader


Get A Grip On Lighting: “The China Question” Response

California Dreamin’


Get A Grip On Lighting: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Glass Half Full


Though modern-day lighting is more complicated than ever, experts contend that its pros outweigh its cons.

Get A Grip On Lighting: Jargon

The podcast takes on a number of words and phrases used in the lighting industry, and talks about which ones should stay, and which ones should go. There are a…

The Weakest Link? Part II


Manufacturers share how they’re protecting their smart lighting products from being “the weakest link on a company’s network.”

Get A Grip On Lighting: At The DLC Stakeholders Meeting

Michael and Greg spent a couple of days attending the DesignLight Consortium's Stakeholders Meeting, coming away with some positive news and some questions about the future.

The Weakest Link? Part I


Industry expert warns that smart lighting can be the easiest path to a cybersecurity attack.

Get A Grip On Lighting: DLC Wrap-Up

The guys traveled to St. Louis to attend the DLC Stakeholders Meeting. When they were done, they had some thoughts on what they heard, so they took a few minutes…

The China Question, Part 2: Take the Ride, Buddy

What is really happening behind the scenes in China as we import lighting products? Michael Colligan shows us what he experienced and witnessed during his tour of the country and…

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