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Get A Grip Business Blast: Perception

Get A Grip On Lighting: Taking Your Lighting Cue

Get A Grip On Lighting: Renting A Manufacturing Facility

Get a Grip On Rebates: Pandemonium?

Get a Grip On Lighting: Turn Down the Temperature

When is brighter not better? And are you lighting areas that don’t need it? The Get A Grip on Lighting podcast looks at smart lighting that makes everyone happy.

Get A Grip On Rebates: The Future

What rebates will still be available for lighting projects for the rest of 2020?

Get A Grip On Lighting: 3-Point Plan

Everyone is taking stimulus opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis, but what will it take to get the lighting industry back to the place it was six months ago? The Get…

Get A Grip On Lighting: Bad Lighting At A School

With so many great lighting products to choose from, how can bad lighting still be installed these days? The Get A Grip guys have a theory, and it leaves them…

Get A Grip On Lighting: Sizzling Controls

When it comes to lighting controls, what is the difference between the "steak" and the "sizzle," and are you selling the right concepts?

Get A Grip On Rebates: The Fine Print

Utility program expert Juan Carlos Blacker and his co-host Joe Pater, a ten year veteran in rebate services, explain the ins, outs, methods and mindsets to succeed with efficiency projects…

Get A Grip On Lighting: The Black Box

The guys from the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast talk about their concerns over unproven products that many customers believe are saving them energy and money.

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