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LEDVANCE Opens New “Ledvance Loop” Headquarters

After introducing the LEDVANCE LOOP concept, the Garching lighting expert has extended this sustainability ethos to the company’s headquarters. Situated in Parkring 1-5, Garching, the new LEDVANCE office, though mere meters from its predecessor, represents a major advancement for the organization. Aligned with the “LEDVANCE LOOP” sustainability concept, it encourages employees to embrace the new mantra “Power Through Light” across the entire space.

Sustainability meets New Work: LEDVANCE opens new “LEDVANCE LOOP” headquarters

Fostering team spirit and sustainability efforts

LEDVANCE has developed a new spatial concept for its circular office, revolutionizing the way that teams work together. This concept, embracing the principles of New Work, prioritizes flexibility and collaboration with a focus on employee well-being. To align this approach with LEDVANCE’s sustainability strategy, the office size was reduced from 8.750 m² to 5.200 m². The transition involved replacing traditional fixed desks with dedicated teamwork areas and diverse meeting rooms capable of accommodating various formats, including individual focus work, hybrid meetings, and large gatherings of up to 100 people. The work cafe serves as the central hub of the office, designed for breaks, informal meetings, exchanging ideas, and facilitating mobile work. With the adoption of the new office floor plan and the consolidation of all staff onto one floor, LEDVANCE promotes collaboration among teams and departments, embodying its core value of “Winning Together”.

The new office name ties in with the company’s recent introduction of the LEDVANCE LOOP concept, highlighting its dedication to sustainability. Within this framework, LEDVANCE integrates its strategy, product development, and the new headquarters into a unified vision. Consequently, the office space is meticulously designed to optimize resource usage and reduce energy consumption. As employees step into the new office, they are reminded of LEDVANCE’s sustainability commitment, embedding it into their daily routines.

An innovative workplace: combining inspiration and a comfortable ambiance

With the relocation to its new office, LEDVANCE seized the opportunity to re-design the entire office lighting plan, prioritizing the empowerment of its employees through the transformative power of light. The primary objective was to cultivate a fresh, invigorating, and welcoming workspace using LEDVANCE’s own products and solutions. This is why Human Centric Lighting (HCL) serves as the cornerstone of the lighting infrastructure. VIVARES HCL, a fusion of BIOLUX HCL and LEDVANCE’s VIVARES light management system, illuminates the offices and desk areas, replicating the natural progression of daylight to enhance the well-being and focus of all colleagues onsite, while concurrently advancing LEDVANCE’s sustainability strategy through improved energy efficiency. In the work cafe and entrance area, LEDVANCE intentionally crafted distinct zones with innovative interior design, incorporating various luminaires in unconventional arrangements or sculptural forms, along with customized fixtures, showcasing to both employees and visitors the company’s extensive array of solutions.


The VIVARES HCL system enhances the work environment by replicating the natural rhythm of daylight, taking into account its visual, biological, and emotional effects. This is accomplished through the intelligent control of luminaires, which follow pre-configured lighting curves tailored to specific times and areas. Integrating the BIOLUX HCL curve into 6 VIVARES Zigbee controllers extends the benefits of HCL across the entire building, with a total installation of 504 luminaires and 150 sensors. “For us, it was important to find the balance between high-quality ‘feel-good’ lighting and maximum energy savings – while staying within the given budget”, explains Steffen Tegethoff, Senior Application Expert for BIOLUX products. The VIVARES HCL system fosters a harmonious work environment, while Smart Residential products are employed to cultivate a tranquil atmosphere in the work cafe.

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