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COO Gareth Jackson

LEDVANCE has increased its efforts to transform the lighting industry into a greener one. With the new “LEDVANCE LOOP”, the lighting experts introduce a sub-brand for all their sustainability efforts and measures across the company. This includes new product ranges, reducing CO2 levels by a million tons annually in transportation and improving demand planning with AI. Additionally, LEDVANCE will relocate its headquarters and reduce the size of its office space in order to operate more efficiently and also better reflect its flexible home office policy. The new optimized headquarters will also be named “LEDVANCE LOOP” to demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainability in everyday operations.

The concept behind the LEDVANCE LOOP brand is a big step for the company and is expected to transform the future of the lighting industry: “We invested millions of dollars into research and development so that we can contribute to a more sustainable industry,” says Gareth Jackson, Chief Operating Officer at LEDVANCE. “In this era of transformation at LEDVANCE, sustainability is not a destination but a continuous journey. It’s about more than just being environmentally conscious; it’s about reshaping our practices, reducing our carbon footprint, creating collaborative spaces, and promoting ethical business conduct. As we evolve, we’re not only enhancing our competitiveness but also nurturing a sustainable future for our business, the environment, and our people. It’s our pledge to do better today than we did yesterday and to inspire others to join us on this path. This is what LEDVANCE LOOP stands for.”

In addition to the numerous activities that will transform the company itself, LEDVANCE will soon launch two new product ranges under the LEDVANCE LOOP umbrella:

  1. EVERLOOP is a range of innovative products that enable professional customers to replace certain components of a luminaire, thereby increasing the lifespan of a product and reducing waste.
  2. NATURELOOP, a product line catering to end-consumers, will offer products that are made from recycled materials.

More information regarding the new product ranges EVERLOOP and NATURELOOP will be announced soon.

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