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WiSilica, Tridonic Partner to Provide Wireless Control Solutions

Laguna Hills, CaliforniaWiSilica, the world-class IoT platform and solutions provider and Tridonic, a leading global provider of smart and efficient lighting solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to offer advanced lighting control solutions for intelligent buildings.

WiSilica’s complete cloud-to-device IoT platform offers smart controls, with future-ready opportunities like enhanced edge and cloud computing, and value-added services like Real Time Location Systems. Tridonic’s wireless technology is a tried-and-tested solution for updating conventional lighting without requiring any additional construction effort. This collaboration will help the building communities to reap the benefits of an advanced, smart, and flexible lighting ecosystem.

“We are excited about our partnership with Tridonic. Our enterprise-grade solution offers automated ecosystems with AI-powered analytics. We have been helping customers to make smarter buildings and create personalized lighting with convenience and energy efficiency,” says Vivek Pramod, Senior Vice President & GM – Smart Controls, WiSilica.

“We have accomplished the first customized product together with WiSilica and looking forward to future opportunities. Our customers benefit from Tridonic components in combination with WiSilica’s intelligent lighting control solution and cloud-based services,” says Thomas Ender, Vice President Product Marketing Tridonic.

“As a technology company, we continuously bring innovations and state-of-the-art lighting solutions to the market and support our customers and business partners with intelligent and sustainable lighting. This includes wireless systems that do their job reliably. WiSilica will be a strong partner and we look forward to leveraging both our technologies to further drive innovation in smart and connected lighting systems,” says Hugo Rohner, CEO Tridonic.


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