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WESCO and Philips Travel Cross-Country in New Lighting Lab on Wheels

WESCO and Philips Travel Cross-Country in New Lighting Lab on Wheels

According to the Department of Energy, about 80% of the U.S. buildings haven’t changed their lighting systems since the 1970s. Today, by integrating energy-efficient lighting systems and technologies, building owners could save companies as much as 60% on electricity bills and even improve worker productivity.

WESCO and Philips Lighting are traveling around the country in a newly built Mobile Lighting Application Center to help business owners evaluate and compare lighting systems and explore how they can create customizable solutions that meet their needs.

On Monday, Oct. 5, the companies hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony, along with tours of the lighting lab on wheels. Visitors were able to compare a variety of lighting solutions in six stations:

  • Replacement Lamps: This station shows how traditional lighting can deliver energy and maintenance savings without compromising light output.
  • Directional Lamps and Downlights: Visitors can evaluate and compare two light sources for color quality, light output, dimming capabilities, energy usage, and ROI to determine which might be best for specific application needs.
  • Linear Light Sources: This area focuses on energy-saving linear fluorescent lights, showcasing the different light levels and impact on energy savings and how light output can be adjusted without compromising workplace performance. Visitors will see how light output and wattage consumption may also be impacted by other components in a lighting system.
  • Recessed Troffers: Recessed troffers can transform the look and feel of a workplace while positively impacting performance and the well-being of employees. Visitors will be able to compare the innovative features and learn more about the cost savings that troffers offer.
  • Controllable Lighting is Attainable: Visitors will see how incorporating daylight and LED technology into a building renovation or new construction can lower energy costs without compromising the light levels needed for a productive workforce.
  • High bays, Parking Garages and Outdoor Lighting: This area helps visitors think more broadly about their outdoor lighting needs and compare the various options available for all outdoor applications.

Over the next several weeks, the truck will make stops in Warrendale, Pa., Oct. 6-8; Penn State University, State College, Pa., Oct. 12-23; and locations across the southeastern U.S., Oct. 26-Dec. 11.

Following the tour, visitors can schedule on-site assessments and demonstrations to evaluate lighting options in a real-world setting.


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