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Webinar Available to Help With New Marketing Questions

Webinar Available to Help With New Marketing Questions

A number of NAED companies have asked about marketing strategies and how they are changing since the COVID-19 situation began nearly three months ago.

Noetic Consultants, an independent marketing and brand consulting company, is offering a free webinar to help with some of those key questions:

• How can we promote our services, without seem self-serving or “tone deaf”?

• Our customers’ needs have changed; how do we best serve them today?

• We have had to pivot our offering; how should we promote this to current or future customers?

• Should we be investing in marketing at all right now, given financial difficulties, or save this investment until after the crisis passes?

The free webinar is scheduled for Thursday, June 11 at 1pm Eastern time, noon Central. You can join the webinar for by clicking here.

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