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WAC Lighting Files Patent Infringement Case, CAST Lighting Responds

WAC Lighting Files Patent Infringement Case, CAST Lighting Responds

WAC Lighting has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against CAST Lighting, claiming CAST is using its patent for a landscape spotlight. WAC Lighting calls the sale of the light “unauthorized”, and says distributors who sell the product made by CAST Lighting may be infringing on WAC’s patent.

WAC Lighting’s press release on the case:

WAC Lighting has become a market leader in LED lighting solutions through a strong commitment to innovation.  Since its founding, WAC Lighting has operated at the forefront of emerging technologies, investing in research and development to create new designs and new technologies that have helped the company grow into the success it is today.

We are therefore prepared to protect our intellectual property.  WAC Lighting has recently filed a suit against CAST Lighting LLC.  The Complaint names a landscape spotlight, which we believe is supplied to CAST Lighting by a Chinese company Shenzhen Wanjia Lighting Co., Ltd. d/b/a Wonka, as infringing U.S. Patent No. 10,571,101 – just one of WAC Lighting’s many patented inventions in the lighting space.

You should be aware.  Anyone – whether buyer, reseller, or distributor – who buys or sells infringing products from CAST Lighting or its Chinese source may be infringing WAC Lighting’s patent(s).  WAC Lighting is prepared to protect its intellectual property rights, including seeking an injunction and damages to prevent any further sale of infringing products in the United States.

Put simply, infringing products erode our brand along with our ability to invest in research and development.  WAC Lighting is determined to put a stop to any unauthorized copying or stealing of its patented technology and will pursue such infringement to the furthest extent allowable under the law.

If you have any questions or information about this matter, feel free to contact WAC Lighting at

CAST Lighting responded to the case with the following press release:

Hawthorne, NJ (May 19, 2020) – CAST Lighting, LLC specializes in the research, innovation, and manufacturing of low-voltage outdoor landscaping and perimeter security lighting solutions. For over 20 years CAST has engineered, designed, and produced a line of products that has made us a dynamic company that has quickly become an industry leader in quality and cutting-edge technology.

Unfortunately, a company called WAC Lighting (d/b/a Wangs Alliance Corporation) recently initiated a patent infringement lawsuit against our company alleging our model, SBLABL1 Adjustable Beam and Lumen Spotlight, infringed the claims of U.S. Patent No. 10,571,101. CAST is prepared to stand up and defend our company by stating that we would never knowingly infringe upon any company’s intellectual property rights or patents. In its press release, WAC uses the phrase “MAY BE” regarding their unsubstantiated claim.

Months ago, our intellectual property attorneys conducted an extensive review of U.S. patents owned by WAC Lighting and concluded that our model SBLABL1 Adjustable Beam and Lumen Spotlight did not infringe any of its patents. When U.S. Patent No. 10,571,101 was granted earlier this year, our legal team reviewed the claims and file history of the ‘101 patent and again concluded that the model SBLABL1 Adjustable Beam and Lumen Spotlight sold by CAST Lighting does not infringe any of WAC Lighting’s patents. We are very confident that WAC Lighting’s allegations have no merit, and that the charges of patent infringement will be swiftly dismissed by the courts. We see this claim by WAC Lighting as a frivolous attempt to intimidate CAST Lighting by making false charges of patent infringement and to publicly defame our good name.

To all our loyal customers. CAST Lighting will not tolerate WAC Lighting’s attempt to stifle competition and manipulate our customers under false pretenses. Please feel free to continue to buy, stock, sell and install our model SBLABL1 Adjustable Beam and Lumen Spotlight with 100% confidence that our position is right, true, and just. We are expectant that our good name will be vindicated, and that WAC Lighting will be exposed for abusing the legal system to advance its meritless allegations against CAST Lighting.

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