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WAC Completes Construction of New Manufacturing Facility

WAC Completes Construction of New Manufacturing Facility

SI RACHA, Thailand — WAC Lighting completes the construction of its new wholly-owned manufacturing facility in Thailand. The state-of-the-art factory encompasses 600,000 square feet of manufacturing space, utilizing the latest techniques in material technology and sustainable engineering.

The construction uses modular materials to reduce construction time while using fewer materials and energy. The facility also uses a sophisticated, custom-designed rainwater collection system to collect over 300,000 gallons of water to be used as greywater for the facility’s water needs. The buildings are constructed with the newest materials and technology to create a fully insulated indoor environment while maintaining a 20-degree temperature differential from the year-round, hot Thai weather.

In addition to sustainable manufacturing methods, daylight harvesting and sensors allow WAC to minimize its carbon footprint. Future plans include solar panels, EV charging stations, and energy storage management to achieve a fully sustainable manufacturing operation.

Inside the facility, WAC employees will perform a vast range of production activities, including engineering/design, fabrication, lead-free SMT electronic production, automated powder coating, quality assurance, assembly, and shipping.

“We have built this facility to support our company’s explosive and continuous growth,” explained WAC Head of Asia Operations Thomas Wang. “Operating a plant and diversifying our supply chain network into Thailand is a hedge against global supply chain uncertainty. This is our answer to the ‘new normal’ that we live in and shows our continued commitment to being the Responsible Lighting partner that our customers have come to trust.”

With the addition of the new Thailand factory, WAC now operates over 2 million square feet of fabrication and manufacturing capabilities across six facilities globally.

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