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Venture Lighting Expands Solid State Capabilities, New Leadership

Glenwillow, OhioVenture Lighting is set to extend its innovation to include the fast developing solid state lighting product area.

“Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology has grown faster than any other,”said Sabu Krishnan, president, making 2015 the ideal time for Venture to enhance its industry-leading product set. “Venture has long held a dominant position in HID because of our scientific and operational innovation,”he said. “Our customers demand the best solutions for their lighting needs, and it’s crucial that we apply our considerable abilities to SSL, now that the technology has proved its adaptability to the range of lighting situations we see in the marketplace.”

“We look forward to bringing the same pioneering spirit to SSL, even as we continue to improve and enhance our metal halide product and serve and support our customers,” Krishnan concluded.

To demonstrate its commitment to SSL, Venture also announced that Keith Price, previously Managing Director of Venture Lighting Europe since 1990, will lead the SSL business development effort around the world.

Price began his Venture Lighting career while being an independent distributor in 1985, rising to lead the company’s UK and European business as Managing Director as it built its brand dominance. Prior to joining Venture, he spent 12 years with City Electrical Factors, including positions as branch manager, regional manager in the UK and general manager for Germany, and then worked as an independent distributor.

“SSL technology is the future of our industry,” Price commented, “and to continue bringing Venture’s history of lighting innovation to that future is personally and professionally exciting for me.”

In his new role, Keith will build a support team of Solid State Lighting product managers and design engineers, based at Venture Lighting offices and manufacturing centers around the world.

“We are committed to bringing the finest SSL products to market around the world, and will shortly release an expanded product line that will enable our customers to pick the right technology, or blend of technologies, most appropriate for their needs,” said Price. “This sales and design team will offer the specific expertise and capabilities to SSL that our metal halide customers have grown to expect in that important product set.”

Richard Morris has been appointed to succeed Keith Price as managing director of Venture Lighting Europe. Morris, most recently served as sales director wholesale/distribution for the UK and Europe since 2002.

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