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Universal Lighting Technologies to Partner with KSA Lighting & Controls

Universal Lighting Technologies to Partner with KSA Lighting & Controls

CHICAGO — Universal Lighting Technologies, a member of the Panasonic family of companies, recently announced an agency partnership with Chicago-based KSA Lighting & Controls (KSA). As an authorized agent, KSA will provide Universal’s advanced LED and ballast retrofit and replacement solutions.

KSA specializes in marketing, specifying and selling lighting and controls products across the Chicago metropolitan area. KSA is a valued partner and premier agency well-known for its high level of support and expertise, according to Donna Taylor, vice president of central sales for Universal.

“KSA’s experience as an agent of advanced lighting solutions fits perfectly with our objective to show the value of our LED lighting products in Chicago-area projects,” said Taylor. “KSA has demonstrated a high level of service and market presence that we foresee being a key component of Universal’s agency network.”

As an authorized agent representative for Universal Lighting Technologies, KSA will provide distributor and end user support for the full line of Universal products including ballast and EVERLINE LED solutions.

“Universal’s forward thinking approach in a quickly evolving industry aligns with our commitment at KSA to offer customers products known for quality and reliability, said Jim Williams, president of KSA. “Their comprehensive product line, combined with a dynamic team, makes Universal easy to do business with and a company that will offer successful solutions not only for our agency but our customers as well.”

Nashville, Tennessee-based Universal Lighting Technologies is operated by Panasonic Lighting Americas Inc. The company is a recognized global leader of the shift to LED and is invested in LED product development with North American manufacturing.


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