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Universal Lighting Technologies Celebrates 70 Years

Universal Lighting Technologies Celebrates 70 Years

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc., a member of the Panasonic Group, this year celebrates its 70th anniversary in the industry. In 1947, the company was founded as Universal Manufacturing Company and became one of the first manufacturers of fluorescent ballasts in North America. Today, it is known as a global lighting industry innovator committed to quality and customer service.

Building an Industry Leader

“Universal began during a time when America was modernizing and electrifying at a staggering pace,” said Mark Verheyen, President & CEO of Universal Lighting Technologies and President of Panasonic Lighting Americas. “Since then, we and our predecessors have striven to continuously provide reliable products and dependable services, and as a result our brands are well known and respected throughout the industry.”

Universal has grown from being a pioneer in magnetic ballasts in its early days to a top provider of electronic ballasts and a market leader in the design, development and distribution of high quality ballast and LED products today. More than half of Universal’s manufacturing facility is dedicated to the production of LED components, allowing the company to stay ahead of a rapidly evolving industry.

Today’s Panasonic Operation

The Panasonic Group acquired Universal Lighting Technologies to be its North American flagship for commercial lighting in 2007. In 2010, the North American operation of Vossloh-Schwabe, another company in the Panasonic lighting family, was merged into Universal.

“As a part of Panasonic, Universal is backed by a culture of innovation and success, and continues to answer the call for tomorrow’s lighting products,” said Verheyen. “With the support of our world-class research and development teams, Universal drives the industry forward with advanced energy-saving designs and production strategies.”

Verheyen added, “Universal’s highly skilled team of manufacturing engineers and technicians relentlessly explore technologies that deliver lighting solutions to exceed our customer’s unique challenges. We are focused on finding innovative ways to produce and deliver quality products. Universal’s focus on operational excellence begins from conceptual design to volume manufacturing.”

Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow

“For seven decades Universal has been on the leading edge of technology revolutions—from magnetic to electric ballasts, and more recently from fluorescent to LED,” continued Verheyen. “We strive for pitch perfect voice of the customer resonating within every unit we produce, because perfect product quality, delivered on time, is our mission statement.”

“Universal’s sales support, customer loyalty and innovation are a rare combination that has helped set our company apart in a competitive marketplace,” said Willis Milner, principal at United Electrical Sales, LTD, an agent which began distributing Universal products in 1958.


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