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Ubicquia to Acquire Smart City Platform From GE Current

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Ubicquia®, the global leader in simply connected, simply smart streetlight smart city and small cell platforms, today announced that it has acquired all CityIQ® assets including technology, related patents and contracts with major customers and cities across the US and Canada. In addition, all CityIQ Development, Sales and Customer Success team members across Montreal and Cleveland will be fully integrated into Ubicquia’s organization.

For more than five years, CityIQ has been a leading smart city digital infrastructure solution for traffic optimization and public safety for cities across the U.S. CityIQ’s fully integrated form factor is barely seen from street level and simplifies installation across all cobra head and ornamental streetlights. The CityIQ edge AI platform captures and analyzes street-level video and audio data to solve daily challenges facing cities including reducing traffic times and queue lengths, improving bicycle lane utilization and safety, reducing crime and supporting public health initiatives. CityIQ has a published set of APIs and tools to help cities integrate their data with internal business intelligence systems or with 3rd party partner platforms including ShotSpotter, Genetec and Xaqt. To date, CityIQ has been deployed in numerous cities across the U.S. and Canada including San Diego, Atlanta, Portland and Schenectady.

“CityIQ is an ideal fit with Ubicquia’s portfolio of streetlight smart city and small cell solutions including our Ubicell™, Ubihub™ and Ubimetro™,” stated Ubicquia CEO, Ian Aaron. “In addition, the CityIQ team brings deep relationships with key smart city stakeholders and public sector thought leadership on how CityIQ and AI technology can align with a city’s Open Data and Privacy policies. I am looking forward to integrating our teams, expanding CityIQ capabilities and making Smart City AI scalable and affordable for cities of all sizes.”

The CityIQ product and engineering teams bring a wealth of experience in leveraging data and Artificial Intelligence to solve critical problems facing cities today. Ubicquia and CityIQ combined teams bring more than 400 years of experience from companies, including Motorola, GE, Cisco and Philips developing innovative and world class products for the mobile, utility, municipal and public safety sectors.

“We are pleased to pass the reigns of the CityIQ business to Ubicquia” said Manish Bhandari, President & CEO of Current, “They are an excellent fit for our people, the technology and for the platform’s customers. By adding CityIQ to Ubicquia’s other technology, they will jointly be better positioned to accelerate solutions for cities solving their most pressing public health and safety issues.”

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