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Topaz Supports Continuing Education

Topaz Supports Continuing Education

HOLTSVILLE, N.Y. — Topaz has made a commitment to education for their employees and the local electrical community. A partnership with Electrical Training Center in Copiague, N.Y. has allowed opportunities to provide classes for Topaz employees and a way for Topaz to give back to students looking for a career in the electrical industry.

Since 2015, Topaz has been working with Electrical Training Center, providing products for students to practice with and more recently having the students and instructors work together with Topaz to create the product videos that are available on the Topaz website and YouTube channel. Producing these videos is not only beneficial to Topaz and our customers, but it gives students hands-on experience using the products, while also learning how to explain the uses and benefits to others.

This spring, Electrical Training Center hosted classes for Topaz employees to learn more about the practical applications of the products that we sell every day. Many departments were present, from marketing and product development, to sales and customer service. While we are all familiar with these products, understanding how they are used in the field and why an electrician or engineer would choose one product over another helped everyone understand the products a bit better.

Michael Balsamo, Topaz Vice President of Product Management said, “Our team has always been well versed in our product line but seeing how raceways are built and hearing from someone in the field really helped everyone understand how complete systems work and why the quality features of each product are so vital. Electrical Training Center and Sal Ferrara do a great job preparing future electricians for the work they will do and it’s rewarding for us to assist even in a small way. We are also so appreciative of the information they shared with us.”

Sal Ferrara, President and Director of Electrical Training Center, Inc., added, “Topaz has been a great partner of Electrical Training Center. The products they donate gives our students hands-on experience with the products they will be working with daily upon graduation. Our students have also enjoyed making instructional videos with the Topaz team and this latest class with Topaz employees was a really good experience for suppliers and electricians to learn from each other.”

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