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The Matrix: It’s Real

The Matrix:  It’s Real

For the past few weeks, Greg Ehrich and Michael Colligan have been talking about “The Matrix” on the exclusive podcasts they are providing for tED magazine’s lighting website “lightED.”

The Matrix theory created by the Get A Grip On Lighting hosts say components of LED lighting made in China could easily be manipulated in factories to include tiny chips used to spy on U.S. businesses or government offices. Now, an extensive report by Bloomberg News shows Chinese factories did in fact place chips the size of a grain of rice on motherboards used at major U.S. companies, including Apple and Amazon. The discovery, according to the report, is “sending a shudder through the U.S. intelligence community.”

Now is a good time to revisit the podcast the Get A Grip On Lighting team provided to “lightED” that explains the Matrix.

tED magazine has been in contact with the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast team, and they are planning follow-up podcasts on the Matrix and what you need to know.

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