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The Arc Series from Advanced LED Gets $13,723 in the First 24 Hours on Kickstarter

Bentonville, AR – AdvancedLED recently unveiled its Kickstarter campaign for its new patent pending ARC Series plant light. The revolutionary ARC Series gives gardeners the freedom to focus more on doing what they love, gardening, and less on doing what they hate, troubleshooting problems. The ARC Series uses multiple colors of 50w LED modules, giving users the ability to customize wavelengths to their plants’ individual needs while reducing light loss and waste. One of the chief goals of the campaign is to bring manufacturing of this new light back to the US and provide a cost effective solution for home gardeners.


  • Less Heat and Electricity
  • Better plant growth and less wasted light
  • Customizable to any color blend for plants, corals or fish

The ARC Series’ unique arc shape design enables a significant cut in the cost of having an indoor garden – by using the Arc Series over filament-based or chemically-based light sources users will see a 65% to 75% reduction energy costs. The Arc Series doesn’t generate heat like traditional lighting systems, making it much more suitable for a vast range of environments and urban farming situations.

The ARC LED series has been developed with the needs of the modern horticulturalist in mind:

  • Unique ARC Shape: This patent pending technology provides a higher intensity of light, less waste and more even light distribution. Goodbye wasteful omnidirectional lights, hello better crop yields.
  • Interchangeable LED Modules: Each plant has its own unique needs, and with ARC users are able to mix and match wavelengths to get the best results for their plants. Offered in 1-4 modules, with more to come.
  • Handpicked LEDs: Advanced LED literally hand picks the LEDs they buy from CREE to yield the best results.

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page or check out Advanced LED’s Facebook page.

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