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tED’s Lighting Line-Up preview

The cover story for the March issue of tED explores how LED technology is steadily growing in capabilities and importance, with manufacturers offering advice on how distributors can best approach the lighting market in coming year.

“What’s hot in lighting this year?” asks author Craig DiLouie, LC, a lighting industry journalist, analyst, marketing consultant, and author. “Energy efficiency, long service life, and controllability continue to be the main demand drivers, while conventional technologies continue to fight hard to both comply with product energy regulations and compete with steadily improving LED technology.”

The issue also features tED’s annual Lighting Line-Up—seven pages of the latest in lighting product offerings.

To whet your appetite, here are a few that were submitted after our deadline passed . Be sure to check out the March issue to see the dozens of products that made it to the pages of tED.

Photo gallery: Lighting Line-Up preview 

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