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tED magazine to Sunset “lightED”

tED magazine to Sunset “lightED”

tED magazine launched “lightED”, our website dedicated to LED lighting, in July of 2017.

Seven years later, it’s time to move into another opportunity.

On July 1, 2024, we will be “sunsetting” lightED and replacing it with a new website called “electrifiED”. The new website will focus exclusively on electrification efforts throughout our supply chain, exclusive research by NAED on electrification, and government decisions and spending on electrification. We are excited to be able to inform you about this new, multi-billion dollar opportunity for our supply chain.

This does not mean tED magazine is getting out of the business of covering lighting industry news. We will be moving all of the “lightED” stories that we have covered over the past 7 years to, and we will continue to report on lighting industry news on that website. We are also continuing our relationship with Michael Colligan and Greg Ehrich with the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast. Their work will also move to, with one podcast a month appearing in tED magazine’s digital edition. We would like to thank all of the people at the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast for working with tED magazine on “lightED” for the past several years. In a world where all lighting news can be similar, the team at Get A Grip On Lighting provided tED magazine with something no one else could provide to readers. While some may not have appreciated the work Get A Grip On Lighting provided to tED magazine, they spoke about key issues and best practices that remain necessary in the lighting industry.

Starting next Monday, July 1, you will be able to find “electrifiED” at

As is the case with all tED magazine efforts, we would appreciate your feedback on the new “electrifiED” website. You can contact tED magazine publisher Scott Costa by phone at 314-812-5311 or by email at

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