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tED Magazine Launches New Lighting Website

tED Magazine Launches New Lighting Website

By Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine


Welcome to the beginning of lightED.

After nearly a year of debating, planning, designing and creating, we are ready to officially start executing with the launch of tED magazine’s new website that will focus on the lighting side of our supply chain.

So save this URL: www.lightedmag.com.

We are calling it lightED for short.

The new website will focus on news about lighting that happens every day, just like you see every day at www.tedmag.com.  But the focus will be on lighting news that impacts you the most.  The daily news will include studies on how cost-effective LED is becoming, how cities are transitioning their street lighting to LED, and the latest on how connected devices are impacting the lighting industry.  tED magazine and lightED have subscribed to all of the major news feeds, so we will not miss posting and passing along these stories to you.

Equally important, lightED will analyze the news for you.  We saw the American Medical Association report that said LED street lights can be harmful to your health.  And that may be true in theory.  But what is happening in the real world where LED streetlights have been in place for more than three years?  Are they seeing people with physical problems?  Are residents having trouble sleeping?  Rather than just take the news and accept it, we hired real journalists to ask the questions you would ask if you had the time and availability to reach out to these cities.

We did not hire “experts” to write blogs or columns offering their opinions on what works best.  I think we all have watched enough of that on the cable “news” channels.  Our journalists are going to dig into what is happening in the real world and pass that information on to you.  We are going to look into how manufacturers want their products sold.  We are going to look into how your supply chain partners should be teaching and training you about their products.  And we are going to let you know how your customers shop for lighting and how you can better meet their needs.  We are going to focus on why some lighting manufacturers choose to skip distribution and sell directly to the end users.

We will be kicking off www.lightedmag.com on Monday, July 24 with the first two in a series of stories where we interviewed the major lighting company CEOs about the future of light.  Make sure you watch for those stories to see what they have to say.

This will be the only website that is focused on buying and selling lighting in this supply chain.   We will be using many of the strategies and concepts we currently use for www.tedmag.com and transfer that onto lightED, as we maintain our brand as a daily news source for our industry.

We are going to see the light together for a long time.

As always, if you have questions or comments about www.lightedmag.com or anything else, you can contact me directly at scosta@naed.org or 314-812-5311.



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