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SWITCH Lighting begins expansion into Japan

SWITCH Lighting is partnering with Canon Marketing Japan in a move that will enable Canon to be the lead import, distribution and sales partner to SWITCH in Japan.  The partnership provides a powerful combination of SWITCH’s industry-leading LED light bulbs, technology, and supply chain capabilities alongside Canon Marketing Japan’s unparalleled brand and reach in the region.

“Japan is currently the largest LED market in the world and we are proud to work with Canon Marketing Japan to bring our products to market there,” said Bill Lenihan, Executive Vice President. “Japanese consumers and businesses are very energy conscious, quality-oriented, and technology-focused, which is a great fit with our product line.  This relationship further validates our unique product and technology.”

SWITCH’s LED bulbs are designed to provide the same warm glow of an incandescent while using approximately 80% less energy for a lifespan of 25,000 hours. SWITCH’s bulbs can also be used in any orientation anywhere; including upside down, enclosed fixtures, and outdoors.

In addition to the Canon name and reputation, the partnership brings valuable resources to SWITCH’s expansion into Japan including access to Canon’s expansive sales force, deep partner and distributor network and country-wide logistics capability.  SWITCH plans to begin shipping bulbs to Canon Marketing Japan this month.





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