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Soraa’s LED Lighting Brings Celebrities to Life at Madame Tussauds

Soraa’s LED Lighting Brings Celebrities to Life at Madame Tussauds

Photo credit: Curtis Myers Photography

SAN FRANCISCO—Visitors can step into the spotlight with their favorite celebrities at Madame Tussauds San Francisco. Wax figures of iconic celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston and Anne Hathaway, are perfectly illuminated with LED lamps from Soraa, a leader in GaN on GaNTM LED technology.

The designers from Emphasis Lighting chose Soraa’s MR16 GU10 LED lamps to light the attraction of more than 100 wax figures of Hollywood A-Listers, politicians, musicians and other celebrities. Soraa LED lamps feature Point Source Optics for beautiful, high intensity and uniform beams and its Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP₃) LED technology for perfect rendering of colors and whiteness. Using Soraa’s SNAP System, the designers added magnetic colored lens accessories to create drama in each vignette, emphasizing themes and fine detail.

“Madame Tussauds San Francisco is an interactive ‘must do’ attraction, providing guests with unique opportunities to create memories with some of the world’s biggest icons. Countless hours are spent to make these figures impeccable. Perfect lighting in the attraction is essential to bringing out the fine detail of these figures and to the guest experience. Soraa’s lamps light these ‘stars’ perfectly,” said Mark Frank, Principal at Emphasis Lighting in Cambridge, Minn.

The lighting designer wanted great optics in addition to controlling energy costs and heat in the attraction. By using Soraa’s GU10 LED lamps, Emphasis Lighting was able to use a simple buildout with track heads that do not require transformers. Furthermore, Soraa’s unique GaN on GaNTM LED technology allows the lamps to operate at currents that are more than five times higher than LEDs built on other materials. This means a lot of light comes from a very small source, resulting in less heat generated in the attraction and on the wax figures.

Utilizing every color in the rainbow, especially deep red emission, Soraa’s LED lamps render warm tones beautifully and accurately, and achieve a color-rendering index (CRI) of 95 and deep red (R9) rendering of 95. Unlike blue-based white LEDs without any violet/ ultra-violet emission, Soraa’s VP₃ Natural White properly excites fluorescing agents including natural, or unnatural objects. The end result, incredibly life-like wax figures.

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