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Signify Releases 2000 Environmental Product Declarations

Signify Releases 2000 Environmental Product Declarations

EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands – Signify has committed to sharing the environmental impact of its full range of products. The company has already made available more than 2,000 Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), covering more than 70,000 product variations around the world. Due to customer demand, the Americas are currently served by the Declare labeling system. As the EPD program continues, all products worldwide will ultimately receive EPDs.

Municipalities, businesses, and individuals are increasingly looking for fast, effective ways to reduce their environmental footprint. As lighting currently accounts for 12% of global electricity consumption and 5% of global CO2 emissions1, transitioning to energy-efficient LED lighting can significantly reduce global electricity consumption. EPDs quantify products’ environmental impact over their full life cycle, enabling comparisons to comparable products and empowering customers to make informed decisions on lighting investments.

In addition to driving greater transparency for customers, EPDs are advancing evidence-based sustainable innovation within Signify, providing a quantified footprint that acts as a baseline for further improvements in next generation product iterations.

“Signify is committed to making the low-carbon future a reality, offering businesses, cities and consumers energy-efficient products, systems, and services that can reduce global electricity consumption for lighting by over a third2,” said Maurice Loosschilder, Signify’s Global Head of Sustainability. “Being transparent about our products’ environmental impact gives customers the information they need to make informed decisions, whether they are lighting cities, offices, or their own homes, as well as helping us to meet our own sustainability goals.”

1 Based on 2020 figures by the IEA combined with data on global electricity consumption and CO2-emissions.
2 LED solutions can save 70% electricity consumption when replacing conventional lighting, and conventional lighting currently accounts for roughly 50% of global electricity consumption by lighting. For detailed information on Signify’s Green Switch calculation model, including the underlying assumptions and proposed conversions, see here.
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