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Signify Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Keystone Technologies

Signify Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Keystone Technologies

Signify has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Northern Georgia District Court claiming Keystone Technologies has violated its patents in manufacturing down lights, area lamps, and driver circuits. The suit was filed in Georgia because Keystone does sell products there. One law publication says the district court is popular for patent infringement cases because it usually rules for plaintiffs.

The lawsuit contains 8 counts of alleged patent infringement, with each count containing detailed information about the Keystone Technologies products. Signify says in its claim that it filed the lawsuit, “To protect its intellectual property resulting from its significant investments, Signify has obtained numerous patents directed to various LED inventions and technologies.”

The suit alleges Keystone has received notices of patent infringements since 2020. “Keystone has directly and indirectly infringed and continues to directly and indirectly infringe each of the Patents-in-Suit,” is part of the lawsuit, with Signify calling Keystone’s actions “willful”.

Signify has asked for a jury trial and “An award of damages adequate to compensate Signify for Keystone’s patent infringement, and an accounting to adequately compensate Signify for the infringement, including, but not limited to, lost profits and/or a reasonable royalty” in addition to costs and expenses for attorney’s fees.

Keystone Technologies has not responded to the lawsuit, which was filed late last week.

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