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Shat-R-Shield introduces UV blocking fluorescent lamps

Shat-R-Shield will unveil new UV Blocking
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) at this year’s Lightfair, which promises to
reduce health concerns for certain people.

All CFLs emit harmful Ultraviolet (UV) light.
 Shat-R-Shield’s new UV blocking
lamps are coated to block more than 96% of the UV under 395nm with lumen loss
of less than 4%.

The Shat-R-Shield UV blocking CFLs are
available in 2700ºK 4W, 14W, 19W and 23W mini-twist varieties. 

 “Our UV Blocking CFLs will be the perfect lamp for people
with Lupus or other photo-sensitivity issues.  They are also ideal for areas such as museums with priceless
paintings and retail locations that need their fabrics to appear as vibrant as
possible,” says Shat-R-Shield Product Development Manager, Don Cattoni.

UV light also acts as a bleaching agent,
causing 40% of fading in furniture, fabrics and works of art.  These damaging rays will also break
down, discolor and deteriorate plastic lenses.

CFLs contain toxic
mercury and phosphors that can be detrimental to health.
  Shat-R-Shield’s coating will contain
virtually all mercury, glass and phosphors if the lamp is

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