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SESCO Lighting and Marvin Bochner Announce Agreement

SESCO Lighting, Inc., headquartered in Maitland, Florida and Marvin Bochner, Inc. (MBI), headquartered in Miami, Florida, have announced a strategic agreement effective November 2, 2020. The spirit of the agreement allows two long-standing companies to leverage their collective marketplace strengths together. MBI will enhance the efforts of SESCO’s existing Distributor Solutions Group in FL (excluding the Pensacola market).

The Companies will maintain their existing management and organizational structures, having no ownership in one another with MBI continuing to be owned and operated by Mark and Sid Bochner and SESCO by its 280 employee-owners. The key leads on this partnership for SESCO Lighting are Dan Smith, Director of Distributor Relations and Turner Nabors, Distributor and Industrial Outside Sales Lead. On the MBI side, this effort will be led by Mark Bochner, President and Scott Racy, VP of Sales.

President and CEO of SESCO Lighting, Todd Langner indicates, “This alliance marks SESCO’s first serious foray back into the NEMRA world since our company’s beginnings over 50 years ago. Our primary motivations are to better serve our distributor partners and manufacturers at distribution. We’ve been exceptionally fortunate to find a willing strategic partner with the rich history and deep experience and relationships of MBI.”

Mark Bochner, President of MBI said, “The combining salesforce of SESCO and MBI to our Distributor partners, Contractor and Specification partners will allow SESCO manufacturers unprecedented market penetration. I feel this will allow our distributor partners to be more profitable as we pursue stock and projects business as a combined salesforce.”

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