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Seoul Semiconductor Wins Patent Litigations Against Everlight

Seoul Semiconductor Wins Patent Litigations Against Everlight

ANSAN, South Korea — Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announced that Seoul has won a patent invalidity litigation that was filed against Everlight Electronics in the Korean Patent Court, thereby continuing its string of successes in patent litigation.

Everlight’s patent involved in this litigation was one that it purchased from a U.S. company in 2017. Previously, Seoul also filed a patent invalidation litigation against this patent’s Europe (UK) counterpart in the U.K Patent Court. Following the U.K. challenge, Everlight voluntarily acknowledged that its patent is invalid, and the U.K. Patent Court ordered Everlight to pay approximately $1 million dollars in litigation costs to Seoul.

Despite U.K. Court’s declaration of invalidation, the Korean Patent Trial Board dismissed Seoul’s invalidation challenge against Everlight’s patent. However, the Korean Patent Court reversed this first instance decision and declared the challenged claims of Everlight’s patent to be invalid, which is consistent with the outcomes of the U.K patent litigation. As a result, Seoul has won all of five (5) patent litigations filed against Everlight.

Particularly, a few weeks ago, the German Court rendered a judgment in favor of Seoul’s patent infringement claims, including ordering a permanent injunction against sales of the accused Everlight products. The Court also ordered a recall of all accused Everlight products sold after July 13, 2012 from the distributor’s commercial customers.

“In order to ensure that the efforts and value of technology innovators are respected, we have visited numerous companies around the world to explain our technologies while concurrently monitoring suspected infringing products,” said Sam Ryu, Vice President of Seoul Semiconductor. “We hope that many founders and small businesses around the world will be able to advance their dreams with creative ideas next year.”

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