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Schonbek Enforces IP Against Elegant Lighting

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. – At Lightovation this January, Elegant Lighting introduced several light fixtures that are alleged knockoffs of Schonbek’s Glissando family. Elegant has agreed to immediately stop offering all of the infringing products. These products have already been taken down from Elegant’s website. Any units of the products in Elegant’s possession have been or will be destroyed.

The Glissando family is protected by several patents, including U.S. Patent Nos. D864,465 and D864,462. Schonbek’s patents and patented products can be found at

Elegant, its CEO Bin Mai, and Schonbek entered into an agreement, which forbids Elegant or anyone affiliated with Elegant to make, sell or import any lighting fixtures that are “imitative of, identical to or substantially similar to” any of Schonbek’s fixtures.

“Schonbek is an extension of WAC,” says CEO of WAC and Schonbek, Dirk Wald. “Our commitment to vigorously protecting our intellectual property fully applies to Schonbek. WAC acquired all of Schonbek’s intellectual property when it bought Schonbek assets from Swarovski in 2021. We have also been investing in the development and protection of the intellectual property of Schonbek since the acquisition. As a result, Schonbek in its own right is the owner of a formidable patent portfolio as well as a suite of copyrighted works. And when it comes to enforcement of that IP, Schonbek has the full backing of WAC.”

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