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Savant Systems Acquires Racepoint Energy

Savant Systems Acquires Racepoint Energy

HYANNIS, MASS. — Savant Systems, Inc. has acquired Racepoint Energy, an engineering-driven company known for smart electrical panel, automated power, storage, and energy resiliency solutions for consumers, home builders, businesses, and utility companies.

Renamed Savant Power, the company now joins GE Lighting, a Savant company, as the two newest additions to Savant Systems, Inc.’s deep and diverse portfolio of scalable, easy-to-use smart home solutions. By adding automated power, Savant now addresses every pillar of the connected home – climate, lighting, entertainment, security and now energy.

“Over the past 12 months, we have made significant strategic acquisitions triggering rapid revenue growth and projections for our brands,” said Bob Madonna, Chairman and CEO, Savant Systems, Inc. “Savant Power’s innovative smart electrical panel and microgrid solutions align perfectly with trending investment in a rapidly growing energy sector.”

“Savant Power is helping to transform the grid by utilizing our unique automation capabilities, increasing the effectiveness of alternative power sources such as solar, batteries or generators without compromising comfort and convenience,” said Madonna.

Savant’s best-in-class smart home solutions and renowned culture of innovation now extends into the energy space at a time when power has emerged as a focal point for consumers and utility companies.

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