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Regency Lighting Names New CEO, COO

Evan Regenstreif

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Regency Lighting announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Evan Regenstreif as Chief Executive Officer, effective October 1, 2018. Regenstreif previously held the position of President of Regency Lighting and AllSale Electric.

Since joining the company as a full-time employee in 2003, Regenstreif has been involved in roles across multiple departments ranging from sales to operations. His oversight has included lighting design, new construction services, quotes & specification, pricing, purchasing, and logistics. With Regency’s acquisition of AllSale Electric in August of 2005, Regenstreif transitioned out of day-to-day Regency operations to lead the AllSale business in the role of President.

Ron Regenstreif

Now serving as CEO of both Regency Lighting and AllSale Electric, Evan Regenstreif succeeds his father, Ron Regenstreif, who founded the company with childhood friend and business partner, Mike Goldstone. Both Ron Regenstreif and Goldstone will remain involved with Regency Lighting through their transition to Co-Chairman of the Board. “I feel that Regency will benefit from this change, and I fully expect this next generation not only take the baton, but to run the race better than we would be able to,” said Ron Regenstreif.

Isaac Regenstreif

Regency Lighting also announced that Isaac Regenstreif, brother to Evan and previous President, will assume a new role as Chief Operating Officer. Isaac joined Regency Lighting full-time in October of 1995 and has gained extensive experience by providing leadership and oversight in new construction services, customer service, retrofit services, maintenance services, Information Technology, purchasing, and warehousing departments.

Mike Goldstone

Isaac succeeds Mike Goldstone, co-founder and former COO. “We both are so thankful to God for the privilege of being in this position,” Goldstone said. “Two college dropouts, childhood friends, and business partners, now poised to spend the rest of our lives invested in helping others and watching the next generation take the business to new heights. What could be better?”

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