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Rare earth supply problems create 3 lighting exceptions

GE, Osram and Philips have each obtained exception from the
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to a rule banning manufacture or import of
700-seris T-8 fluorescents. According to the National Lighting
(NLB), the exceptions are a result of “the growing scarcity and
escalating cost of the rare-earth oxides used to manufacture the phosphors
intrinsic to the proper functioning of fluorescent lamps.”

The NLB also said, “The severe supply/cost difficulties—which
were not foreseen when the DOE Lamp Rulemaking of 2009 wrapped up—have been
caused by manufacturing and export regulations subsequently instituted by

“Only companies that
have been excepted by DOE may continue to manufacture or import the T-8 GSFLs
in question beyond July 14, 2012. The lamps involved are the 4-foot medium
bi-pin, 2-foot U-shaped, 8-foot Slimline, and 8-foot high-output 700-series
T-8s,” the NLB added.

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