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PAL Lighting Acquires Precision Architectural Lighting

PAL Lighting Acquires Precision Architectural Lighting

Precision Architectural Lighting is a commercial LED fixture manufacturer located in Houston, Texas. Established in 1988, Precision Architectural Lighting (Houston) has an extensive history of providing linear LED fixture solutions collaborating with architecture and engineering companies throughout North America.

The acquisition will bring U.S. manufacturing and additional support to PAL Lighting, establishing a new North American headquarters based on a 4.24-acre block and a 35,196 sq ft facility in Houston, Texas. In addition, there will be significant product and market synergy growth opportunities for both PAL Lighting and Precision Architectural Lighting where they can expand across not only the Pool, Landscape, and Outdoor markets but also the Commercial lighting market.

“We are excited to bring the two organizations together and build on the existing foundation. Design, quality, and customer focus are common strengths and values embodied in both entities, and I believe we can unify our efforts to propel long term growth,” said Allen Kalkomey, Executive Vice President & General Manager of PAL Lighting.

“Precision Architectural Lighting Houston, Texas is a perfect fit with our existing operation in Southern California. The collaboration of PAL Lighting and Precision Architectural Lighting will be the key in providing our custom lighting solutions to the North American market,” added David Sanson, CEO of PAL Lighting.

Since PAL Lightings’ inception, it has established a differentiated growth strategy and entrepreneurial culture that is focused on serving customers, partnering with suppliers, and attracting the industry’s best talent.

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