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Osram Wins Award for Sistine Chapel Lighting

Osram Wins Award for Sistine Chapel Lighting

Osram has been accoladed by the International SSL Alliance (ISA), a renowned international organization in the solid state lighting (SSL) sector, for its innovative LED solution installed in the Sistine Chapel. The Global SSL Showcase Top 100 awards ceremony was held in Shenzhen, China during the ISA general meeting on November 3rd, 2015.

The ISA is an international alliance of well-known institutions, universities and leading companies in the SSL sector who share the aim of improving global cooperation and driving forward the long-term development of SSL. The ISA has been awarding the Global SSL Showcase Top 100 award since 2012 for innovative project solutions with SSL technology, and Osram is one of the winners this year with its unique and highly noteworthy LED lighting solution for the Sistine Chapel in Rome. 

Osram developed an LED lighting solution for the Sistine Chapel in 2014 that sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency and quality of light. The requirement for completely glare-free illumination that complies with strict conservational specifications and the immense historic importance of the Chapel and its globally unique works of art necessitated a technically individual, high quality lighting solution. After 500 years, the outstanding art–historical works can now be seen in the light of a total of 7,000 LEDs, and in a quality previously unattained. The installation that is especially caring for the works of art also enables significantly higher illuminance levels—around 50 to 100 lux (10 to 15 lux with the previous installation), ensuring that the art can be easily recognized without causing the aging process to be accelerated. The immense diversity of colors and 3D effects in Michelangelo’s famous art creation are now seen by viewers for the first time in their complete radiance, and the lighting solution also consumes up to 90% less power than the previously installed version.

Watch the video below for a complete recap of the project, and the priceless works of art it illuminates.


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