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OSRAM SYLVANIA Releases Light Bulb Study

A new study by OSRAM SYLVANIA shows most Americans are ready
to give up their 60W and 40W light bulbs.

The 6th annual “SYLVANIA Socket Survey”
discovered 65% of Americans plan to switch to a more energy-efficient light
bulb in 2014, mainly as a result of new federal legislation that bans that type
of bulb.  But, a surprising 30% of
Americans say they planned to buy as many traditional light bulbs as possible
before the federal ban went into effect on January 1, 2014.  Sylvania did the survey in November
2013 and released the results just after the new year.

The “SYLVANIA Socket Survey” also showed just 4 in 10
Americans even knew about the 60W and 40W ban.  Of those who did know about it, nearly 60% were happy about
the phase out, and were ready to start using more energy-efficient light
bulbs.  46% of the people surveyed
said they will switch to CFLs, 24% will start buying LEDs, and 13% said they
would choose halogens in the future.

When it came to actually purchasing bulbs, the SYLVANIA Socket
Survey showed the top influence for buyers was bulb brightness, followed by
bulb life, energy usage, price, and if it was made in America.  When deciding on a specific bulb, most
shoppers used in-store displays to make their decisions.  Others relied equally on family and
friend recommendations and consumer reviews.



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