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Osram Elevates Experience at Tulsa Expo’s Oklahoma Stage

Osram Elevates Experience at Tulsa Expo’s Oklahoma Stage

TULSA, Okla.–Traxon Technologies, an Osram business and global leader in dynamic lighting solutions, is elevating the experience for audiences at the Oklahoma Stage, located at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. Home to the Tulsa State Fair, the state’s oldest annual fair dating back to 1903, the Tulsa Expo plans to make the Oklahoma Stage a concert destination, and the installation of Traxon’s LED lighting technology is one of the first steps in luring local and big-name artists alike. The Tulsa State Fair will be held from September 26 to October 6, 2019.

“The Tulsa Expo has been an annual attraction for millions of Oklahomans and out-of-state visitors for decades, but for many, it’s only a destination during 11 days of the year, for the Tulsa State Fair,” said Amanda Blair, Chief Operating Officer of Expo Square. “We want to make the fairgrounds, and particularly the new Oklahoma Stage, a welcoming and exciting environment for a wide range of events. One of our goals is to draw the attention of major musical artists, and we’re confident that this new dynamic lighting will ramp up the energy and experience of the artists and the crowd.”

To achieve Tulsa Expo’s desired results, Traxon installed its Media Tube HO RGBW Diffused and e:cue’s SYMPL Controls. The LEDs in the Media Tube can be controlled in increments as small as one inch of resolution, or in larger areas, such as per foot of resolution. The e:cue SYMPL control is a modular control system that allows a customer to choose the elements of control needed for the specific project. The main brain of the control system is programmed to allow the customer to select which shows they want at any given time. The new permanent Traxon lighting replaces traditional stage lighting that had to be set up and torn down for each event, increasing efficiency both from an energy consumption and manpower standpoint.

“Today’s concert and event attendees expect a more involved, immersive experience, and a venue’s architecture and lighting can help achieve this,” said David Brooks, Head of Traxon e:cue, North America. “Light cues our emotions, it naturally complements the performance onstage, and makes audiences feel like they are part of the experience, not just watching it. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the new Oklahoma Stage, and the impact our lighting design has on the performers and the audiences.”

The Tulsa Expo was built in 1923, with the Pavilion being added in 1931. The new Oklahoma Stage was added to the site in 2018.

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