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Osram Consolidates Cinema Lamp Production in Berlin

Osram Consolidates Cinema Lamp Production in Berlin

Osram will concentrate its cinema lamp production at its Berlin site starting in the fall of 2020. The production capacity of Osram’s second location for special high-pressure lamps in Eichstätt will be bundled accordingly in the capital. The company is taking these measures in response to structural changes in the cinema industry and additional economic challenges being faced as a result of the coronavirus.

Not unexpectedly, the market for cinema lamps is severely impacted by falling numbers of cinemagoers. The shrinking demand leads to a significant decline in cinema lamp production. In response to this market impact, Osram will consolidate cinema lamp production in Berlin, where high-pressure discharge lamps are also already being manufactured today. The consolidation at this location will lead to synergies in the manufacturing process. After consultation with the employee representatives, all employees at the Eichstätt location will be offered a job in Berlin. The move is planned for October 2020.


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