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Nora Lighting’s Raby Aparicio Announces Retirement

Nora Lighting’s Raby Aparicio Announces Retirement
Photo (left to right): Nora Lighting CEO and President Fred Farzan; Raby Aparicio, Nora quality control; and Jilla Farzan, Nora executive vice president.

COMMERCE, Calif. — Raby Aparicio, one of the first employees at Nora Lighting, has retired after 25 years of service, reported Nora Executive Vice President Jilla Farzan.

Aparicio was a member of Nora’s quality control team and also held other staff positions at the lighting manufacturer, including production, assembly, and shipping.

“Raby has been a loyal and dedicated Nora team member since he joined our company in 1994,” said Farzan at Aparicio’s retirement party. “At that time he was one of only six Nora employees, but he quickly learned the product line and helped with product development. “Even today, Raby is one of the most knowledgeable people at the company and is familiar with nearly every fixture and accessory in the Nora line-up,” she said.

“He has offered many suggestions on improving our operations, from shipping and production to quality control. These suggestions have helped us improve our customer service and delivery systems, so critical as we expand Nora offerings and market share,” said Farzan. “We will all miss Raby’s cheerful manner, but know that he will enjoy his retirement.”

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