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Nora Lighting Recognizes Dedicated Employees

Nora Lighting Recognizes Dedicated Employees

COMMERCE, Calif. — Nora Lighting recently honored 32 employees who have been with the company for 10 or more years. The longest serving employee is Mila Leyva, office manager, who has been with Nora for more than 22 years.

“We welcome this opportunity to recognize 32 employees for their service and commitment to Nora Lighting,” said Fred Farzan, CEO and president of the lighting company.

“This has great significance for us,” he said. “We started as a very small family-owned business with just three employees in a storefront in Los Angeles.

“Today, as we celebrate over 27 years in business, Nora has evolved into an industry leader because of the loyalty and service of long-time employees like Mila with 22 years, Carol Dimaano, traffic manager, with 20 years, and William Gamez, shipping, also with 20 years,” said Farzan.

“We have been extremely fortunate to have such an exceptional corps of team members who have contributed their skills and time to help us build a successful business,” said Jilla Farzan, executive vice president at Nora Lighting, and who also oversees Human Resources.

“We thank each and every one for their service and we value the personal friendships that we have enjoyed over the years.”

Nora Lighting employees who have been with the company for 10+ years include (left to right):

Row 1: Arturo Cordova (Warehouse, 11 yrs); Ullie Formilleza (Engineering, 10 yrs); Tita Hernandez (Controller, 10 yrs); Mila Leyva (Office Manager, 22 yrs); Emma Tayag (Accounts Payable, 10 yrs); Amy Romero (Accounts Receivable Manager, 14 yrs; Alma Olvera (Customer Service Rep, 17 yrs); Carol Dimaano (Traffic Manager, 20 yrs ); Elsa Tlapanco (Housekeeping, 10 yrs); Jose Padilla (Production, 18 yrs); Ruben Quinquito (Production, 15 yrs); and Angel Morales (Shipping and Receiving, 17 yrs).

Row 2: Leroy Rodriguez (Production, 11 yrs); Roland Clarkson (I.T. Manager, 10 yrs); Elizabeth Ramirez (Accounts Receivable 10 yrs); Iris Tan (Product Manager, 11 yrs), Vanessa Ayala (Sales and Marketing Assistant, 10 yrs); Maribel Gutierrez (RGA/Returns Department, 10 yrs); Nicole Milan (Customer Service Manager, 11 yrs); E.J. Phillips (National Sales Manager, Showroom Division, 13 yrs); William Gamez (Shipping and Receiving, 20 yrs); and Julio Sanchez (Production, 12 yrs).

Row 3: Antonio Lopez (Shipping and Receiving, 13 yrs); Luis Lopez (Production, 11 yrs); Paul Ho (Graphic Designer, 10 yrs); Michael Rios (Inventory Support, 11 yrs); Alvin Guzman (Accounts Receivable, 19 yrs).  

Not Pictured: Raby Aparicio (Shipping and Receiving, 21 yrs); Manuel Jaime (Driver, 20 yrs); Raul Mendoza (Warehouse, 11 yrs); Alonso Solis (Warehouse, 11 yrs); and Juan Velasco (Driver, 10 yrs).

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