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NLB Forum Discusses History and Future of Lighting

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. — The NLB held a virtual discussion entitled, “A History of Lighting.” The discussion was moderated by Randy Reid, Executive Director of the NLB, and featured Terry McGowan of the American Lighting Association and Dr. David DiLaura of Acuity Brands Lighting.

The conversation focused on the history of lighting, and how that history can be viewed through different angles to make a complete picture. Dr. David DiLaura mentioned how lighting history can be viewed through a perspective of technological advancement, human interaction with light, and an economical one. The panel didn’t just discuss the history of modern electrical lighting, but went as far back as talking about original sources of light humans used and their mediums: the sun, fire, wood, wax, etc.Significant events in lighting, like the transition from gas lighting to electrical lighting, and the tumultuous transition to different lighting mediums throughout human history is touched upon. Terry McGowan brought up Thomas Edison frequently, discussing Edison’s efforts in commercializing and popularizing electrical lighting and how those efforts had a significant influence on history.

The later part of the discussion concentrated on the future of lighting. Lighting design, which now utilizes augmented reality and virtual reality, was brought up and the possibilities that technology offers. Dr. David DiLaura believes that virtual reality will become a powerful design tool, allowing designers and end users to view what a specific lighting system will look like before installation. Both experts agreed that lighting health and circadian rhythm will be the center of future lighting developments in business and residential spaces.

Watch and listen to the full panel discussion here:

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