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NEMA to Sponsor Smart EPD Committee

ARLINGTON, Vir. — The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) announced its sponsorship and participation in the Smart EPD Committee for the creation of Product Category Rules (PCR) specifically tailored for Luminaires. These rules are the building blocks for the development of product Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). This committee will play a pivotal role in addressing the demand for environmental transparency and industry needs in this area. The goal is to create a North American PCR for luminaire products and to develop a regionalized PCR that is globally harmonized with industry standards.

“NEMA is proud to sponsor and participate in Smart EPD’s Committee for the creation of PCRs and to address the urgent need for these luminaires rules in North America,” said Karen Willis, Managing Director, Lighting Systems Division, NEMA. “Since convening this group in November, the committee of lighting designers, architects, consortia, associations, consultants, and researchers have been working collaboratively to define standard metrics within a North American PCR for luminaire products.”

“Smart EPD is thrilled to collaborate with NEMA and other key stakeholders in the development of a consensus-based PCR for luminaires tailored specifically for North America,” said Anna Lasso, Founder and CEO, Smart EPD. “This effort marks a significant stride towards facilitating the publication of harmonized electronics EPDs within the North American market. By creating harmonized rules for luminaires, [the] industry will be able to address the growing public and private demand for EPDs under green procurement initiatives.”

“Convening these experts will ensure that the guidelines for evaluating the environmental impact of luminaires will be created with a balanced industry approach,” said Ms. Jenn Dolin, Sr. Manager of Industry Relations at Lutron Electronics, and NEMA representative on the committee.

The committee, selected on November 15, 2023, is currently drafting the specifications and details of the PCR. They will meet this summer for an industry-open consultation period. This will allow interested industry stakeholders to review the document prior to an expert panel review.

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