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NEMA Issues New Installation Guidelines for Outdoor Luminaires

NEMA Issues New Installation Guidelines for Outdoor Luminaires

ROSSLYN, Va. — The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA LSD 80-2018 Installation Guidelines for Outdoor Luminaires—Grounding Considerations. This new white paper addresses the application of the National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC) as it pertains to the grounding of outdoor luminaires and recommends installation guidelines.

New outdoor luminaries contain more electronics (e.g., LED lamps, electronic drivers, and electronic lighting controls) than previous outdoor lighting technologies. Electronics are more sensitive to grounding and wiring issues than earlier technologies. “This whitepaper offers guidelines on proper grounding techniques to improve outdoor luminary performance,” said Michael O’Boyle, Technical Policy Manager, Signify.

NEMA LSD 80-2018 is available as an electronic download at no cost on the NEMA website.

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    perry bush February 5, 2019 / 5:53 am

    One of the biggest differences I can see in the LED lighting from a distributors stand point is that a customer can reduce his inventory of ballast to zeo whether it be a HID ballast kit with all of it’s interior component parts parts or a standard florescent ballast but by the same token if he purchases new LED a fixture he also has the possibility of replacing the LED driver at some point in time so it seems to me that he is back where he started. But then he must consider the energy savings aspect as well. So it seems there is a lot to be considered in advising your customers and being careful not to implicate yourself in a difficult situation plus the false positive of manufacture’s listed warranty as well. It makes it difficult from a distributor’s standpoint narratives to consider to keep you from pissing off a future good customer account.

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