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MaxLite offers low cost lighting for charity

MaxLite is helping Habitat ReStore customers in
the Carolinas save energy and money through an innovative program by Progress
Energy Carolinas that provides ENERGY STAR® qualified compact fluorescent lamps
(CFLs) to customers at greatly discounted prices. The bulbs are discounted
through Progress Energy Carolina’s Energy-Efficient Lighting program and then
gifted to the stores. MaxLite is also partnering with utilities and Habitat
ReStores in other select areas of the nation as well.

“We are proud to work with Progress Energy
Carolinas to offer substantially discounted CFLs for the consumer,” explained
Utility Solutions Program Manager for MaxLite Joe Pater. “Habitat ReStores are
doing an excellent job of marketing these energy-efficient light bulbs to their
customers, and as a result, we are providing energy-saving lighting at
affordable prices to consumers, to support a great cause.”


Progress Energy Carolina’s Energy Efficient
Lighting program provides product discounts that enable the Habitat ReStores to
offer a MaxLite four-pack of 13-watt CFLs for only $1.50. The product’s actual
retail value ranges from $7 to $8. In addition, a 13-watt CFL, which is
equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb, saves $7.72 per year in energy
costs, based on usage of three hours per day, seven days a week. The bulbs are
sold at Habitat ReStores located throughout the Carolinas, and the proceeds
benefit Habitat for Humanity in North and South Carolina.


The Habitat ReStore in Aberdeen, North Carolina,
is experiencing tremendous success with MaxLite’s CFLs. “MaxLite lamps are provided to us through Habitat International and we
sell them through our stores directly to consumers,” explains Yvette McCormick,
Manager of the Aberdeen Habitat ReStore. “Our proceeds benefit Habitat for
Humanity of North Carolina Sandhills, the affiliate that works with
construction volunteers to build homes for people in need in the local area.


“The MaxLite bulbs are flying out
of the store,” continued McCormick. “Our first order of 250 four-packs sold out
in one day and a half and the second shipment sold equally as fast; we doubled
the third shipment and those bulbs are nearly gone. Our customers had an
initial trepidation that 13-watt CFLs were not bright enough, however, everyone
loves the quality, the reduced price and the long life.”


The Habitat ReStore in Asheville,
North Carolina, is experiencing a successful promotion as well. “In less than a
week, we sold 250 four packs of 13-watt CFLS from MaxLite,” explained Jay
Sloan, Donation Manager for the Asheville Habitat ReStore. “We sold another 350
units in less than two weeks and we will be selling 18-watt CFL packs soon. We
are very thankful to MaxLite for putting the deal together with Progress



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