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MaxLite offers discounted CFL bulbs that benefit Habitat for Humanity


Yakima, Washington – Working closely with Pacific Power’s Home Energy Savings program and the Yakima Habitat Store in Washington state, MaxLite® is offering discounted ENERGY STAR® compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) to consumers. MaxLite bulbs are funded by the utility and gifted to the Habitat Store at a discounted price that is passed on to consumers. Proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity, which uses the funds to build local homes for people in need. MaxLite is partnering with utilities and Habitat for Humanity locations in other select areas of the nation as well.


“We are proud to work with Pacific Power to offer substantial discounts on ENERGY STAR CFLs for our consumers,” explained Joe Pater, MaxLite’s utility solutions program manager. “The Yakima Habitat Store is doing an excellent job of marketing these energy-efficient light bulbs to their customers, and as a result, we are providing energy-saving lighting at affordable prices while also supporting a great cause.”


The Pacific Power Home Energy Savings program provides built-in rebates that enable the Yakima Habitat Store to offer a MaxLite four-pack of 13-watt ENERGY STAR CFLs for the reduced price of $2.99, down from the $7 to $8 retail value. The 13-watt CFL replaces a 60-watt incandescent bulb and can save $12.86 per year, based on five hours of usage per day, seven days a week. The bulbs are sold at the Yakima Habitat Store and the proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity in Washington.


The Habitat Store in Yakima is experiencing tremendous success with MaxLite’s CFLs. “This program has been very popular with our customers and we are selling approximately 340 units per month,” said Rich Kallenberger, store manager of the Yakima Habitat Store. “I like the CFL four-pack because it encourages individuals to change several lamps at once and therefore receive a greater energy benefit. I have been holding my breath waiting for the sales bubble to burst but this program really seems to have legs.”


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