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MaxLite LED Marquee Lamps Light Tempe Bridges

MaxLite LED Marquee Lamps Light Tempe Bridges

WEST CALDWELL, N.J. — With their strings of lights spanning nearly 150 feet long, the Mill Avenue Bridges in Tempe comprise one of Arizona’s most beautiful and recognizable landmarks. The two bridges provide passage for millions of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians across the Salt River each year.

Several years ago, the bridges underwent a renovation that included a new lighting system of cold cathode fluorescent bulbs; however, the bulbs began failing at an extreme rate, resulting in dark spots that detracted from the beauty of these landmarks. The city needed a replacement product that would deliver high quality illumination, reliability and energy savings while restoring the bridges to their former splendor. Working with EDGReps and Summit Electric Supply, the city replaced 4,500 3-watt cold cathode fluorescent bulbs with MaxLite 2.5-watt LED marquee lamps.

“As with the LED products in our signal and streetlight systems, the new bridge lights will save us money on energy and maintenance costs and provide our Mill Avenue Bridges with a long lasting lamp,” said Alan Rady, lighting systems coordinator for the City of Tempe.

By switching to LEDs, the city will save 112,500 kWh and $183,375 in energy and maintenance costs over the 50,000-hour lifetime of the lamps.

Designed for decorative outdoor applications, LED marquee lamps provide the same warm color and brightness as incandescent and fluorescent light sources while generating significant energy savings over their substantially longer lifetime. They are also the environmentally-friendly choice, as the lamps are constructed free of mercury or heavy metals, and do not emit ultra-violet rays.

“We chose MaxLite marquee bulbs for the project because of their affordability, wet-location rating, and because we knew they were up to the task,” noted EDG President of Sales Nicole Bagozzi.


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