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MaxLite Joins Light the Moment with ENERGY STAR Campaign

MaxLite Joins Light the Moment with ENERGY STAR Campaign

WEST CALDWELL, N.J. — MaxLite is partnering with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in a national call-to-action for Americans to change out their light bulbs with ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs. The goal is to change more than 300 million inefficient light bulbs with ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs in one year. Collectively, a change-out of this magnitude would save Americans about $1.5 billion dollars in annual energy bills and prevent 17 billion pounds of annual greenhouse gas emissions.

“MaxLite is proud to join the EPA in this important mission to educate consumers about the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified lighting,” said MaxLite President and CEO Yon Sung. “Through our partnership with ENERGY STAR, we remain committed to providing affordable, quality LED lighting solutions that enable consumers to save energy, save money, and help protect the climate.”

Launched on ENERGY STAR Day 2016 (October 25), the “Light the Moment with ENERGY STAR” campaign is a year-long effort by the EPA, in collaboration with manufacturers, retailers and energy efficiency program sponsors, to drive consumer adoption of energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs. The campaign will leverage traditional and social media to highlight the affordability, quality and broad selection of LED bulbs and fixtures that have earned the ENERGY STAR. For more information, see

“ENERGY STAR-certified lighting is one of the easiest opportunities for American consumers to save energy, save money, and protect the environment from climate change,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “The lighting market is poised for dramatic change towards high-quality, long-lasting products that use a fraction of the energy compared to the bulbs they replace and save Americans money at the same time, and that’s a win-win in my book.”

ENERGY STAR certified bulbs use as much as 70-90 percent less energy than traditional bulbs and last at least 15 times longer. A single bulb can save $55 in electricity costs over its lifetime and last over 12 years with typical use. Only products that have earned the ENERGY STAR are independently certified to save energy and perform as expected.


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