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MaxLite hires college grads

MaxLite has hired five recent college graduates.

“We are pleased to announce the hiring of five new college graduates with diverse backgrounds from schools throughout the east coast, including Amherst College, Princeton University, NJIT and Rutgers,” explained Thomas Rhee, MaxLite’s senior vice president of product sales and marketing. “The recent graduates will oversee many exciting projects for MaxLite, ranging from corporate strategy, product marketing and development, operations and legal business, to special project sales and exports.”


Pictured from left to right are Ben Scheetz, Aaron Cevallos, Tony Issa, Peter Harb and Sophie Galleher.

The new analysts include Amherst College graduates Sophie Galleher who specialized in international law and intellectual properties, and Ben Scheetz who studied physics; and Aaron Cevallos, a Princeton graduate who majored in ecology and evolutionary biology with an environmental science certificate. The three new analysts are responsible for a broad range of duties, and will communicate with various departments companywide. They will work on a variety of projects including: conducting market research; researching utility rebate program opportunities; implementing consumer studies; developing new product concepts; identifying business growth segments; and creating corporate presentations and online programs.

Joining MaxLite as part of its intern program, Peter Harb and Tony Issa secured full time positions upon graduation from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and Rutgers University respectively. Harb now serves as a quality assurance engineer, working with the engineering team to develop and test new products based on customer need and feedback. Issa is involved with special projects as well as exports, utilizing his ability to speak multiple languages.

“Over the next five to 10 years, LEDs will grow to represent more than 70 percent of lighting sales,” continued Mr. Rhee. “Within this context, MaxLite is anticipating strong growth and we are hoping that these top-tier college graduates will guide the company through the evolving lighting marketplace.”

MaxLite is currently creating new job opportunities and recruiting college students and recent graduates for other positions.

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