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Major Cities Use LEDs To Battle For Tourism

Major Cities Use LEDs To Battle For Tourism

An interesting “competition” has started between some of the major cities around the world.

More and more want to see their iconic skyscrapers light up like video games.

And who benefits from that?  People who sell and install LED lighting, including electrical distributors.

LED lighting is already being used in major cities like New York and Los Angeles for street lighting.  In addition to providing better and more clear lighting for city streets and roadways at night, the low maintenance cost is starting to pay off. In Los Angeles alone, the loss of maintenance costs means the project has already paid for itself.

But now cities from San Francisco to Dubai are using LED lighting to make their skyscrapers stand out in the crowd. And there is speculation that the use of LED lighting will turn into a competition for recognition and tourism dollars, which is good news for anyone who is selling the LED lighting to keep the competition going.
Already in New York, the Empire State Building and the Helmsley Building are using bright lights for decoration.  Users say in addition to being energy-efficient and long lasting, they are easy to control with a computer program. And architects like them because the lighting can significantly change a building’s character at night be eliminating shadows and forming bright, clear images like this one at the Helmsley Building.

Cities take great pride in their iconic buildings.  And they take something else from them:  money.  Walk into any gift shop in Chicago, and you will find a wide variety of key chains, magnets, t-shirts and pictures of the Willis Tower or the John Hancock Building. Add some new lighting to those buildings, and cities have the opportunity to show off their landmarks in new ways.

Also, these cities use their skylines as their identity.  Now that identity comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Even if you don’t like the change, it is time to accept the fact that LEDs are the new technology that will be used to light up major cities in the future, even if it is being done randomly and on a building-by-building basis.

But for now, cities are embracing the change to LEDs.  In fact, New York is trying to change its image through a new publicity campaign that entices tourists to take in the new, bright image.  The campaign uses the lighting to make the city look alive and vibrant. It adds a new layer of excitement for both first time and repeat visitors to New York.

There is really no telling what the next step will be.  But when cities want to compete with each other to be different, and for that all-important tourism dollar, you can be assured that it will mean a whole new market for LED lighting sales.

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