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Maine Bans Sale of New Fluorescent Bulbs

Maine Bans Sale of New Fluorescent Bulbs

According to sources such as News Center Maine and Fox22, Maine will be outlawing sales of fluorescent bulbs beginning in January of 2026.

Earlier this month, Gov. Janet Mills signed a new law that will prohibit the sale of newly-manufactured fluorescent light bulbs, replacing them with energy-efficient LED lights. The ban also includes compact fluorescents, but excludes specialty lamps for projectors, scanners, and disinfection.

This has been in the works for years over concerns that the bulbs release mercury into the atmosphere when they’re thrown away. The law only bans the sale of new bulbs, not existing ones.

“Its a win-win. They’re getting rid of toxic mercury out of the waste system that’s in the fluorescent bulbs and replacing them with cheaper, lasting longer light bulbs,” said Representative Art Bell of Yarmouth, the sponsor of the law.

The law’s language says that the Maine Department of Environmental Protection is not required to conduct inspections into locations selling fluorescent light bulbs but can investigate complaints of potential violations.


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