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Lutron to Host Twitter Chat on Managing Daylight with Lighting Controls

Coopersburg, PALutron Electronics, the leader in energy-saving, wireless lighting and shade control, will hold its first Twitter chat on Tuesday, November 11, at 2 p.m. EST. The discussion will focus on properly managing daylight with lighting controls. Lutron’s Brent Protzman, PhD, LC, CEM Manager ­ Energy Information & Analytics, will serve as the moderator and will share his expertise with the lighting industry on how to effectively design for daylighting.

Twitter users can follow @Lutron and use the hashtag #LutronChat to participate in the discussion. Lighting industry professionals who specialize in indoor and outdoor lighting interested in enhancing the visual environment of a space are invited to tweet their questions, concerns and opinions during the chat.

Dr. Protzman will share insights on the effect of daylighting design, achieving daylight autonomy, benefits of dynamic fenestration, best practices of daylighting design and ways to manage daylight glare. He will also share related tools and links to articles, whitepapers, industry news, and case studies on the topic.

“Daylighting is a relatively new term for an older practice. Most recently, as electric lighting sources and technologies improved, daylight became almost obsolete,” said Brent Protzman, CEM Manager Energy Information & Analytics, USA, at Lutron.  “However, with evolving building codes, new energy regulations, and a renewed emphasis on sustainability – lighting professionals are once again embracing daylight as a practical, aesthetic, and symbolic element of good building design.”

Follow the @Lutron handle, and click on the hashtag #LutronChat within a tweet to see all the tweets of everyone participating in the discussion. You can also search for “#LutronChat” on Twitter to see everything said during the chat.

Protzman has a Ph.D in Architectural Engineering from the University of Nebraska and is the author of dozens of published articles on human factors in lighting and lighting energy. He is a former professor and researcher in the Building Systems Program at the University of Colorado where he focused on human factors in lighting, daylighting design and performance, energy audits and simulations, and sustainable lighting systems. As Manager-Energy Information and Analytics at Lutron Electronics, Protzman drives energy and application research and analysis with a focus on engineering system integration and architectural applications. As such, his team’s research and collaborations are often at the forefront of building system technology and innovation.

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