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Lutron Survey Shows Who Is Leaving The Lights On

Lutron Electronics announced the findings from a recent
“Home Lighting Usage and Behavior” survey to determine wasted energy. This
survey looked at energy and electricity within the home and where people tend
to leave the lights on.

The study shows that 90% of the people surveyed have someone
in the house who leaves the lights on when they leave a room, and 55% of the
time a child is to blame.

Also, the kitchen is the most common room to have the lights
left on, while the bathroom, bedroom and living room are all about the same.

Lutron is announcing to study to promote its Meastro
Occupancy Sensing Switch, which can save energy inside a home by turning on
lights when people enter the room and turns lights off when people leave the
room. Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch is great for many household rooms such as
the laundry rooms, bathrooms, and garages. The product also comes with ambient
light detection for when there is significant daylight in a room. Maestro
Occupancy Sensing Switches work with all light bulb types including halogen,
tube fluorescents, compact fluorescents, LED bulbs, and incandescent. 




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